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Shadow Dancer Free Download Games Full Version

Shadow Dancer Free Download Games Full Version

Hai Sobat ZN kali ini ZN akan share tentang GAME shadow dancer free download full version. gimana ada yang mau gk ? gamenya udah free download full version lagi. hehehe
oke yang mau download silahkan simak post ini .sebelumnya saya akan beritahu apa itu shadow dancer (dalam bahasa Inggris)

Shadow Dancer a terrorist group iz planting numerous time bombs throughout the city. The players, a ninjas master accompanied by a canine partner sets out on a mission to dismantle the bombs and destroy the criminal syndicate behind these acts. There are four different sewers, consisting of three stages for the first mission and four stages each for the remaining three. In the first few stages of each mission, the player must collect a both amount of time bombs scattered throughout the stage in order to proceed to the goal. The final stage in each mission is a confrontation between the player and the boss. The sewers us are followed.
Play mechanical the shadow of a dancer who is not far different from an arcade version of the original shinobi. Such that the forerunner, control of a joystick eight-way and three buttons ( attack, jump, and ninjas wizarding) and almost all the players move from the original shinobi who are present here too. The biggest change to play mechanical is the addition of a friend dog that follows players around. When a dog barks against an enemy, player can sic dog at an enemy by pressing buttons while crouching, attack enables the player opportunity to attack enemy when he's bitten by a dog. However, if players take too long to attack enemy biting or an enemy has a strong defense, then the dog will be hurt and he shall be turned into a harmless dogs and will remain in the form of it until player gets his next time bomb or finished the stage. Dogs don't appear during the battle.
bagaimana ? ada yang mau atau tidak kalau mau silahkan download dibwah ini
 Download Games Shadow Dancer 

Processor= 233MHz
Graphics= 16MB

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LINK : http://adf.ly/GD9a3
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