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Pet Society Mega Database

Pet Society Mega Database

Tools :
  1. Download Database from the links above. You will need winRAR (tools section) to extract the .dat files out.
  2. Open Fiddler.
  3. Go to the Autoresponder tab. (Tick both Enable automatic and Unmatched requests)
  4. Click on the Add... button
  5. You will need the following Rule Editor:

    1. REGEX:(?insx).*EEEeRC1pdJ$
    1. REGEX:(?insx).*4Jts8w1LT$
    1. REGEX:(?insx).*uzsOEWZaLK$
    1. REGEX:(?insx).*K2xl6VVYXj$
    1. REGEX:(?insx).*EUDKgj3nXV$             (thurs-sun)
    1. REGEX:(?insx).*5VBCnaQOEl$             (mon-wed)

  6. Once done, your Fiddler should look like this:

  7. Clear Browser Cache (IMPORTANT or it will not work)
  8. Reload Pet Society. If replaced correctly, the lines will be highlighted.
  9. Now just visit the Outdoor Shop and have fun shopping.
  10. If you do not know how to use Fiddler to replace Database, check the Fiddler tutorial at the links above!

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Posted by Afdi Fauzul Bahar, Published at Sunday, November 04, 2012 and have 0 comments