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Ninja Saga Halloween Event cheat 2012

Ninja Saga Halloween Event cheat 2012

 Credits: Delta

This file allows you to bypass the Emblem check and fight the EXTRA Emblem boss in the Halloween Event.


  1. Download file from links above
  2. Extract helloween2012_menu.swf to your desktop using winRar.
  3. Open Fiddler
  4. Drag the .swf file into the autoresponder tab
  5. Clear browser cache (or cheat will not work!)
  6. Enter Ninja Saga (click to play NS)
  7. Enter the Halloween Event (The werewolf icon)
  8. Click on the EMBLEM button at the bottom right of the popup.
  9. Click Battle.
  10. Now you can fight the additional Bosses as shown in the screenshot below.

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