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Cheat CB Cabal Online 16 Agustus 2012 D3D Menu

Cheat CB Cabal Online 16 Agustus 2012 D3D Menu

Release 15 AUgust 2012 D3D Menu ALL Version CABALMAIN [Cabal ID/Indonesia,Cabal PH/Philipina,CABAL Singapura,Nort Amerika,Cabal Thailand] Special Combo Perfect,Anti PK,AOE,Blink Magic,No Couldown,Auto SP, View Equipment GM,No Delay BM1,2,aura,Bypass Nprotect,Xtrap,Etc WORK SPECIAL Support ALL OS + Video
Fiture :
D3D Menu Check in Screnshot!


  • On Cheat = ARAH PANAH KANAN | Right Arrow
  • Off Cheat = Arah PANAH kiri | Left Arrow
  • Pilih Cheat di Menu = arah panah atas dan arah panah bawah! | up and Down Arrow
  • Home : On /OFF menu! 
Petnjuk :
-kalau Mau exit dari cabal Di sarankan Gunakan fast Exit! , Kalau gak baca salah nya sendiri!
-if Mau exit from Cabal Suggested Use Exit fast! , If not read any of his own! 

Created By Andrie Danang Kurniawan (Tropper Bermasalah)

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