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Marvel Avengers Alliance Cheat – 1 Hit Kill Cheat, Kill Boss or Enemy in 1 Hit

Marvel Avengers Alliance Cheat – 1 Hit Kill Cheat, Kill Boss or Enemy in 1 Hit

To get you started beating Marvel Avengers Alliances villain bosses easily, you can use this Marvel Avengers Alliance 1 Hit Kill Cheat for Facebook. What it does it that you can instantly kill with just 1 hit, an enemy or boss you currently fighting with.

Marvel Avengers Alliance Cheat – 1 Hit Kill Cheat, Kill Boss or Enemy in 1 Hit
Here is how you can do the Marvel Avengers Alliance 1 Hit Kill Cheat.

1. Cheat Engine (Download the latest Cheat Engine 6.1)
2. Mozilla Firefox

Steps on how to do Marvel Avengers Alliance 1 Hit Kill Cheat:

1. Download and install Cheat Engine
2. Login to your Facebook account and start playing Marvel Avengers Alliance
3. Start Cheat Engine, and select firefox.exe
4. When in battle, scan the initial villain HP. For example Jotun Berserker’s health is 100, then scan for 100. (Note: Set 4-bytes on Cheat Engine.)
5. Hit the enemies or villains, with someone with an ALL ENEMIES attack, like Ironman or Hawkeye.
6. If the health or HP is the same for all enemies after the hit then scan the new health or HP and press New Scan.
7. If the villain HP is different from each other like on the image pic below, scan the new HP, by entering the new HP value and press New Scan.
8. Doing the step above, you will spot the correct values out of the list.
9. Double click on the correct values on the list. Note there are 3 addresses per villain HP.
10. Change the value of the villain HP to 1, as this will make their HP equal to 1.
11. Proceed with attacking, and 1 Hit K.O. the villain.

 marvel avengers alliance 1 hit ko cheat

Note: Just scan the Boss or enemy health (Set 4-bytes on Cheat Engine). You can see your enemy health in the red bar that shows under them when the battle starts. From there, you will be able to see the HP number. In this example, Jotun Berserker has 80 HP. Scan the value 80, on the Cheat Engine and hit him again. His HP will be dropped down to 60. Type 60 in Cheat Engine and press Next Scan. You will be able to get 3 addresses and change them down to 1. Hit him again for your 1 Hit Kill cheat.
Use this Marvel Avengers Alliance Cheat in battling a villain Boss. No matter how powerful the Boss is, you will be able to 1 Hit Kill K.O. it. Even if you have weak team of heroes in Marvel Avengers Alliance, you can easily kill enemies and bosses with this Marvel Avengers Alliance cheat. For now have fun and enjoy as you have learned one of the Marvel Avengers Alliance Cheats, the 1 Hit Kill Cheat for Marvel Avengers Alliance Facebook game.

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